Credit Union Membership: Putting Members First.


Credit Unions have what is called a field of membership, a commonality between members, that defines the group of people that the credit union serves.  Each member is an owner of their credit union, rather than stock and bond holders as owners, like at a bank.

Credit unions exist to maximize financial services to their members – NOT to maximize profits for shareholders, as banks do. Being not-for-profit, credit unions put the money they earn back into the communities they serve – instead of into the pockets of shareholders. This is how credit unions can offer you lower loan rates and better fees, in addition to financial education and counseling for those that need it. Not-for-profit means credit unions can keep their costs down so they can offer their members more.

Which is what members expect and deserve – they are the owners. When you become a credit union member, you know that your hard-earned money is working for you, not to make profits for someone else.

When was the last time a financial organization put your needs first? This is what credit unions are known for, which is why it’s part of their mission. “People helping people” is what credit unions are about. You’ll see this in how well you’re treated in their branches and on the phone and in their better rates and lower fees.

Don’t forget that each and every credit union member is an owner. How’s that for putting you first? And with more than 98 million credit union members nationwide, you’ll be in good company.

Becoming a credit union member is simple and you may be eligible to join one or more credit unions based on your:

  • Employer/workplace
  • Geographic area
  • School
  • Place of worship
  • Membership in an organization

You can find a list of credit unions and their description of membership requirements by using the finder, or going to



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