Money Possible: Destroying Debt in Kansas

aSmarterChoice is happy to show the efforts of credit unions to help their members and local communities tackle financial challenges.   We’ll be featuring the efforts of Kansas area credit unions and their Money Possible campaign.  The participants have been announced in the post below and we will be supporting them in their efforts through out the process.  The Money Possible campaign highlights the need for consumer financial education, as well as the value of credit unions as strong financial partners. The campaign aims to give consumers tips and explain that there are resources available to those who need extra help.

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Meet the Participants

“I need to pay down loans.”

“We want to save for retirement.”
” It’s hard to control my spending.”

Sound familiar? These are the challenges facing of our three Money Possible families, and the issues affecting millions of Americans who want to take control of their finances.

Each family has agreed to tell their story, and show that getting control of their money isn’t hard, it just takes dedication and a little self-control (of course, self-control is a whole other problem for us Americans…evident by our super-size nation…and we’re not just talking about food!)

Meet the participants:

RaquelRaquel: Raquel is married and a mother of two young children. In her 30s, her goal is to pay down payday loans, and learn to save.


Lisa & BryanLisa and Bryan: In their 40s, Lisa and Bryan want to save for retirement. They have three older children. They need to learn to say “no” and live within their means.



Fredica: A divorced mother of four in her 50s, Fredicawants to control impulse spending. She always wants to save enough to buy a house.


Follow these Wichita area credit union members’ stories here, on this site  and on social by following the hashtag #moneypossible.

Let’s face it…with Americans $11 trillion in debt and struggling with saving money, many of you can probably benefit from following them and learning from their successes and their challenges.

Who hasn’t had loans to pay back? Who doesn’t need to save a little (or a lot) more for retirement? And who isn’t plagued by the temptations at the grocery store?  By following Raquel, Fredica and Lisa and Bryan, they will show us that we can do it. We can destroy our debt.

The professionals at your credit union can help you meet your financial and savings goals. To find a local credit union that you are eligible to join click here or go to the “Find a Credit Union” tab.

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